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October 27, 2009, 21:05
Hey guys !

Does anyone know if Glock will ever introduce a model 22SF ? Maybe even next year ? I might be interested in one, if the $$$ is right.



October 27, 2009, 21:34
Isn't a 22 already SF - ? - I think the 17 and 22 are the same lower.

October 29, 2009, 20:36
Originally posted by solvability
Isn't a 22 already SF - ? - I think the 17 and 22 are the same lower.

Yes the 17 and the 22 are the same frame.


October 29, 2009, 21:18
I have a 17 and a 21SF the 21SF is very close to, but not eactly the same as the 17. Most folks like the 21SF better than the 21, but I know a few who much prefer the 21. Frankly, I like the 17 better - the weight and balance are better in my hands and I get on target faster and transition faster - feels sporty. (sorry for the technical jargon).

October 31, 2009, 06:27
Word from a few sources who have actually seen or handled the new Glocks, "Gen 4" due in 2010...

...are going to be built on SF style reduced-size frames. You can add a medium and large grip panel to the backstrap, but still a Glock style grip. Reversible mag release, regular slide cuts (not RTF swoopies), double-coil recoil spring.

Unknown if AA conversion kit will still fit.

(gleaned from 10-8 Forums)

October 31, 2009, 19:46
That sounds good for a start, Fn/form.

I hope it works out.......with Glock I'm sometimes not so sure. To me Glock just wants to sell ( to a customer ) what Glock wants you to have.

It is about time that Glock considers more of what the customers want.



October 31, 2009, 20:37
I think the huge influx of XD and M&P products that address commonly lamented Glock issues (grip size, G22 issues, etc.) is forcing them to finally change with the times. "huge" influx meaning serious, agency-wide replacement of Glocks where there was no other real plastic-fantastic competition in the first place.

M&P having their own issues, but S&W is addressing them proactively. M&P has some great features, but I still like the simpler Glock better. It will be very interesting to see how this pans out.

A few more details from prelim examination:

"Frame texture: less aggressive then the recent RTF frames. Think squares flattened on top. Gripping well with pressure from the sides or at an angle, but not painful.

Accessory rail: standard rail. This one with an X200 on it, others to be tested.

Glock night sights: retained by a screw, longer construction to keep the active portion away from the screw hole. Riveted style gone....thank god.

Slide: some reinforcement in the area of the slide that is just under the breech face.

Delivery should start after the first of the year, given usual production and ordering limitations."

November 01, 2009, 09:46
I have the 17, 22 & 21-sf model, as well as a few more in the vault. I recentley gave the wife the 22 but I myself perfer the 45acp caliber to the .40S&W. I also have the model 20 & 29 which are a whole other subject.

I like the idea of what Sig-Sauer has done with their new model pistols and giving more people an option to be fitted better in the grip size to match their own hand etc. Hats off to Smith & Wesson for addressing the grip issue on their own pistols! However, Glock is still the main consideration in my eyes for a CCW weapon, that will go "BANG" everytime you pull the trigger!!! and is simple to field strip and clean. The name of the game is total RELIABILITY and that Glock gives you with NO safeties to sweep off nor De-Cocking Levers to release etc.

November 01, 2009, 11:57
There can be reliability problems with the G22 + weapon light. If you carry one, there is a mag spring/follower combo that is supposed to greatly enhance reliability when using a weapon light.

I like the .40S&W round. But some kabooms and the known weapon light issues give me pause. I might go to a Gen 4 G17 for duty when they come out.