View Full Version : sticky for market place suggestion

September 04, 2009, 08:47
could there be a sticky on what is allowed and not allowed for states in terms of sales. I am in a gun friendly state but all to often people just omit any sales of parts to places like California just because of ignorance. Is there an outline for people to know what to be worried about and what is perfectly legal?

Outlaw Patriot
September 04, 2009, 15:50
Just a thought, but the Files probably does not want to start acting like an authority on info such as that, since there is so much to worry about, and by telling people "this is the way it is" if they are mistaken, or the laws change, they could open themselves up to liability.

You can try calguns.com.

September 05, 2009, 19:05
i live in a gun friendly state, just that maybe there could be a quick reference. just a thought