View Full Version : Help Me Pick A MSAR

August 30, 2009, 19:29
I've kinda decided I'm going to give myself a retirement present, and I've all but decided on a MSAR STG556.

I've owned an AUG since the mid 80's, so I'm familiar with the type.

Microtech's website sucks. Is there anywhere to get a good description of each model so I'm getting the right one?

I want a 16" black, with the regular AUG type flash hider, the optical sight, (I'll get the rail later), and taking regular AUG type mags.

I've got a headache trying to figure this out.

Then to top it off, you look at gunbroker and the ads have "Gen 4", etc.

Which ones have the FA?

I'm sooo cornfused...

August 31, 2009, 08:34
Current "E-4", will take "AR" mag and has rail the same height as AR for all the folding frontsight / BUIS, same as thread.

Gen IV is compatible w/ AUG mag, no forward assist, tulip type flash hider

Gen III different flash hider, rail height are the same for II and III

Gen II w/ forward assist, tylip flash hider

Now, for the scope, the older model is lower than the original AUG scope. The newer one has the same (AUG) height.

Last I heard, MSAR is also coming out w/ conversion for 5.45x39, 7.62x39 and limited production for 6.8 caliber which only fits E4 model.

So, if you want the ability to take AUG mag, then Gen IV and look for newer scope (taller).