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snowhawk jockey
July 22, 2009, 15:36
I just got the Big5 flyer and they are advertising Garands for $799. Seems pretty reasonable considering the M1carbines they had were priced at $999. Should I even bother to go and look at them? I would eventually get a 7.62nato barrel to convert it to the only caliber that counts in my cabinet, the longer case '06 being a little waste of powder for my purposes. A Garand is second to last on my list, just in front of a Tula SKS. I know the CMP rifles can be had for smaller money, if a guy has low barrel standards like I do, or has patience to wait for a nice one. I could handle the ones at Big5 and not wonder what I am going to receive.

July 22, 2009, 16:23
For $800 I'll sell you my wilson barreled M1 in 7.62. Low round count and was just a project to me. It is not a target rifle, it is just a shooter. It has Boyd wood.

Otherwise, if it was I, I would buy a CMP receiver or rack grade rifle and upgrade it by repark, rebarrel and laminated wood. my .02.

Random Chaos
July 22, 2009, 17:08
Take a hard look a the CMP Special Grade Garands. These rifles have a new barrel, new stock and are reparked. They also include a Turner Sling. Any excessively worn parts are replaced. I went to the South Store just to gawk and walked out with one of these. They aren't cheap at $1000 but damn it's a pretty rifle.

July 22, 2009, 17:14
I saw one of the Garands at Big5 in Utah last week. I didn't get it down off the rack, but from 5 feet away, it looked ridden hard and put away wet with almost no bluing left on the barrel.

July 22, 2009, 19:16
from biyfit looked ridden hard and put away wet with almost no bluing left on the barrel.
Sounds like the Blue Sky imported Garands of the early '80s.

July 23, 2009, 01:57
I looked at one today. It was a Springfield in the 1,600,000 serial number range. CIA import that is really ugly. It still had caked on dirt all over it, big fresh scars in the wood were they had been piled up by some one, the chamber had dirt caked in it on top of the rust. It was really in bad shape, I would not have bought it for $400.

July 23, 2009, 06:04
Originally posted by biyf
I saw one of the Garands at Big5 in Utah last week. I didn't get it down off the rack, but from 5 feet away, it looked ridden hard and put away wet with almost no bluing left on the barrel.
Same thing here in Reno, Rusty junk, cracked wood and all.

Old Sarge
July 23, 2009, 10:41
Snow Hawk
I have bought a few from the CMP. Unless things have changed in the last few years. You would be hard pressed to get a real dog from them. I have sent them a receiver back cause I thought it didn't meet there discription. They sent me back a better one and picked up shipping in all directions. If your going to replace the barrel soon any how I would think of one of the Field grade guns.

But thats just me
Old Sarge

July 23, 2009, 11:44
same rusty stuff here in spokane, a sales girl said the staff picked through all the nicer ones the week before.

snowhawk jockey
July 23, 2009, 14:20
I stopped by and found the same CAI junker on the rack at my local Big5. I took the time to get it out and look for the import mark. The middle hand guard was completely cracked for a looooong time and the tape that had lived with the stock, holding everything together, had been freshly removed, the clerk said, by the manager. I asked why, since it was practically falling apart now, she said he thought it made the rifle like like crap. WTF?!?!?, the whole thing looked like steaming crap without the tape.:rolleyes: No rifling in the end of the barrel either...

edit to add:
CMP looks like a smoking deal at $395 for a no wood action.

July 25, 2009, 17:17
Expect to wait at least 3 months for a CMP rifle, probably longer - I ordered a HRA Service Grade Garand and some ammo back in March 2009. I received the ammo about a week ago, but I am still waiting on the rifle ...

July 29, 2009, 22:50
I recently bought a Blue Sky import SA 1944 serial # Garand for $500.00 from a neighbor. I had it rebarrelled to .308 by Bruce Dow, I finished and installed a new Boyds Tiger stock, new metal and springs. the op rod and gas cylinder were OK and in spec. I have almost $1000.00 in it. It is now the brother to my SA preban M1A.

I consolidated an ammo caliber, no more 30.06.

The price for the Big 5 Garand seems a bit high, but then again it all depends on what year it is and how much it's worth to the buyer.
I have been told mine was too high, I like it and would never sell it. It was a lobor of love so to speak.:D

July 30, 2009, 11:30
I always look an a Garand whenever I see one. You never know when it might contain a part you are looking for, or have a few parts that are worth more than the rifle.

July 30, 2009, 12:07
There was one of the Century marked Garands in a local shop a month or so back.
It looked a bit tired, but overall not too bad.
As I recall, the price was too high to be of ANY interest to me.

But, I remember Blue Sky Garands selling for over $ 200 almost 30 years ago.
Inflate that $ 200 to today's equivalent, and I think the current "high" prices aren't much different.

Anybody heard where Century got these Garands from ?
And, what else they have tucked away ?

July 30, 2009, 19:13
Originally posted by bykerhd

Anybody heard where Century got these Garands from ?
And, what else they have tucked away ?

Are these the ones stamped "CAI" or something where the Springfield/Winchester/H&R etc. is stamped on a war era rifle?

I saw one of those at a shop in Gainesville Florida for $650.00 last year. Personally I would avoid any of those as they have cast receivers.

Get a "real" Garand from a known mfg. with a forged receiver.
They are the real deal.

August 01, 2009, 19:21
I looked at the one my Big 5 has. It's a POS, seriously. It is an H&R, but it's covered in and full of grease, rust, and dirt. The stock is garbage, and the handguards are cracked. The chamber looked as though it had surface rust, and the bolt face definately did. I looked at the barrel, and there's too much crap in it to see the rifling. It was a CAI rifle, was stamped by the front sight. I wonder if they even look at these before they ship them out? I asked the manager if I could haggle over the price because of the condition, she laughed and said no. I walked out shaking my head.

Para Driver
August 02, 2009, 21:35
it's hard to justify crap...
you'll spend more to make it right, than you can buy one in good condition..

P.I. Staker
August 02, 2009, 22:50
Originally posted by Para Driver
it's hard to justify crap...
you'll spend more to make it right, than you can buy one in good condition..

Hard to justify, but my local Big 5 has SOLD EVERY ONE of the Garands they have got in, and have about 10 outstanding rainchecks:confused:

August 03, 2009, 19:30
Originally posted by bykerhd

Anybody heard where Century got these Garands from ?
And, what else they have tucked away ?

I think they found them under those Martini's in Nepal...

August 06, 2009, 20:52
I just looked at one. Springfield, and very worn, for $799. Pass.

August 07, 2009, 15:38
Originally posted by bykerhd
from biyf
Sounds like the Blue Sky imported Garands of the early '80s.

I have a Blue Sky Garand which I bought in 1991. It was, and still is, an excellent shooter and was, and still is, in excellent condition. The barrel was brand new when I got it as were most of the operating parts. Have had no problem with it functioning nor has it needed any repairs. The only bad part is the wood, which was poorly refinished. The heel of the butt stock had a big chunk gone which had been repaired - expertly I should add - with a different wood. Easy enough to replace the wood if it were necessary. I paid a whopping $275 for it at the time and think it was an excellent value then and now.

August 11, 2009, 10:48
Save yourself a lot of trouble and Angst
BUY your Garand from the CMP.
When it comes to U.S. Surplus weapons CMP is #1 on my list
for best quality, reliability, and service.
I also trust AIM but you'll pay more.
Be aware a lot of South American and Central American Counries are releasing their Garands and surplus arms and a lot are really beat up and were literally kept in caves with
birds and bats and unknown creatures retching and deficating all over them.
At least CMP is cleaning the ones they get to make them safe to handle.
I was just at Camp Perry and saw the Special Select Garands. They are
absolutely beautiful!!!! If you don't mind a new barrel and some new parts
go for it. Over the years I have grown to like surplus arms with "character"
I wasn't like that years ago but have changed a lot since I once bought a rack
grade Garand from CMP while at the matches. This rifle needed to be re-crowned but CMP had a deal on barrells going for 60 bucks!!!!
I remember my cousin and I each bought one and a barrel to go with it.
My gunsmith told me to re-crown it first then see how it shoots and if the
barrel needed replacing he'd give me a good deal on the whole package.
I kid you not that rifle shot dead on with less than 4 inch groups.
I still have it and I shoot it with my kids at the range. It's my nicer Garands that stay home in the safe.

Hope this helps!!!!:rolleyes: :beer: :fal:

August 11, 2009, 17:23
I looked at one of the Big 5 Garands today. Absolute junk. Deep pitting all over the receiver, rust in multiple places, and filthy.

Save your money, folks......:(

August 17, 2009, 20:25
Well, I bought one of the Big 5 Garands just for shi*s and giggles. I checked both of the ones they had over really well and chose the lesser of 2 evils. The op rod has NM stamped on it so I'm hopeful it has better than average crappy parts. The bore doesn't look that bad, mostly cosmo inside. I'll keep you all posted on the cleanup progress.

August 24, 2009, 04:05
What happens next is the uninformed will buy those junkers, find out they will not shoot worth a damn or not even function. Then they will show up at pawn shops or online for $1,000++ waiting for someone else to get ripped off.

August 24, 2009, 12:52
I took mine apart and was generally pleased at what I saw. YES the barrel is not in good shape like I expected. A cotton patch gets torn up a little while swabbing the bore. There is pitting on the outside of the barrel, not horrible but it's there. There is some rust on the front of the receiver and on the bottom of the receiver under the serial number. It probably won't be easily seen with a good stock set on but it's there. The park on the receiver is around 95% and in decent shape. Everything else is complete and fully functional. It's a matching H&R except for the bolt which is a Winchester. Barrel date is '56, NM op rod, good springs, good internals. I loaded up a clip with snap caps and tried a function test. All snap caps fed and ejected fine and the clip sprung out just like it's supposed to. So, a barrel change with related headspacing woes and another warhorse will be brought back to life.

OK, I couldn't wait. I took one loose round and test fired it. I put an empty clip in and one round in the chamber and pulled the trigger. POW!!! Out came the brass and CHING!! Out came the clip. It functioned as is should and I'm happy. It's still getting a barrel change, but I might put a few more down the pipe for s&g's.

snowhawk jockey
August 25, 2009, 18:31
I happened to stop in for a deer call and saw that they had a couple more on the rack. One was a Winny and it was rust from one end to the other. The other was an H&R and it had dark park under cosmo *eyes twinkle*. The wood was beat but the metal was looking nice. I wanted to pull it apart and look under the wood, but I didn't want to get tempted either. The park actually looked really good compared to the others I had seen on their shelf. I am still tempted to go back with a bare bullet and cleaning rod to see if it swallows the whole slug or if, after a couple patches, it appears salvageable.

I know, I know, get a CMP gun... I am such a impulse/instant gratification buyer, though. I would have to wait for it arrive and I could just take the big5'er out and blast. Oh wait, I wonder if it comes with any clips? I better check the rifle shop if there is any HXP left on his shelf, that would put a damper on my impulse!