View Full Version : What is normal ejection for an M14 clone?

July 08, 2009, 12:38

Shot an M14 clone for the first time this past July 4th weekend. Brass ejected about a foot. I'm used to seeing more distance with other semi-autos. No FTE's or other problems. Is this normal, or a sign of a gas problem?

Para Driver
July 08, 2009, 16:54
can they be tuned?

July 08, 2009, 18:37
Most of my M14's have the cases land right about 2:00 and about 4-6 feet in front of the weapon when shooting from a bench. Yes you can tune by swapping op rod springs and ejectors and ejector springs and opening up the gas port or swapping gas pistons and or cylinders. Sounds like yours has a "Extra" power op rod spring or weak ammo or a slight issue with the gas cylinder and/or gas port diameter. Also M14's run on grease, not oil or heaven forbid, dry. properly clean and grease your weapon and try different ammo BEFORE you do anything else......

Survey Punk
July 08, 2009, 19:13
Properly lubed and running as designed the M1 and M14 should throw brass about 3ft at 1:00. The ejector in the bolt face is the "set up" ejector, kicking the case clear of the receiver where it is smacked by the "flight ejector", the hump on the operating rod.
Of course the last round out of the magazine doesn't get this fancy treatment and is kicked clear by the ejector in the bolt face only. Both rifles will kick emptys into a pile out front with last round dribbles.
I'd check proper lubrication as noted.


July 08, 2009, 20:10
Thanks guys! I'll check these things out.