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July 07, 2009, 15:19
Been looking at getting a blackpowder pistol, probably an 1851 navy.

Depending on where I read or who I ask I get different answers.

Just looking for someone on here with experience in blackpowder revolvers to point me in the best direction.

The Pietta's are fifty bucks cheaper, but still seem to draw good reviews.

I'm lost as to what to do.

No brass frames for me though, one way or the other.

July 07, 2009, 17:04
never heard of Pietta ... haven't shopped for a BP gun in a while ...

Uberti stuff used to be scoffed at ... now they're known for "High Quality" stuff ...

I only wish I had bought all the cheap Uberti pistols and rifles I could afford years ago !!

they have doubled in price in the last 10 yrs or so ... Uberti = nice !!

charles isaac
July 07, 2009, 18:34
Colt wins hands down.

:angel: Sorry, couldn't resist.

July 07, 2009, 22:19
Pietta has done a lot to improve their QC from say 20 years ago when they were pretty much hit and miss garbage. At that time it was generally accepted that Uberti (who had just started using nitre blue again) was number one followed closely by San Marco (or Armi San Marco), trailed distantly by Pietta. Having worked on a good number of these revolvers at the time that was my consensus too.
Haven't heard of Armi San Marco for quite awhile currently, the Uberti's are still top drawer. Pietta's have improved a lot. Recently tuned up an 1858 "Navy" Pietta for my own use and was impressed with the barrel quality. Needed a bit of action tuning but when done it shot very nicely, under 2" for a cylinder at 25 yards. I've always shied from Pietta's for my own use but may have to reconsider if this is typical of they're work today.
What you are really losing in the saving of the $50 is gonna be in the polish and blue. Uberti offers a nitre blue which is quite an eye full but wears quickly if used hard.

July 07, 2009, 23:46
Having had both. I currently only have Uberti's. The Pietta's have gotten better, but so have the Uberti's so they are still ahead in fit and finish, especially timing. They all will wear out/ break parts if you shoot them enough. Hand springs break. Main springs lose tension. hammer notches wear out just like the originals. Nipples are best replaced with Terso (if using #10 caps) or Thunder Ridge (TRM) (if using #11 caps). Factory ones don't have the correct taper for either cap on both mfg's guns.

I have bought all of mine through Talyor's. They sell both mfg's guns. Uberti's run 10-15 bucks more for the same gun. Taylor's also will make any gun you buy right if they don't catch it before it goes out, which is important when the company that made the gun is in Italy and only provides customer service to the importers.

My friend shoots 2 matches a month with a pair of Uberti London Navy's (copy of the 1851 Navy steel frame commercial). They have held up better than his prior pair of Pietta's and took less work to ready them for competition. If you aren't going to shoot it much a Pietta is fine as long as it times correctly.

I have 2 1861 Navy's, 2 1862 Police, 2 1860 Army's all by Uberti. I had a 1851 Navy, 1860 Army, and 1858 Remington by Pietta. My brother has them now and shoots them about once a year, usually when I visit.


July 08, 2009, 07:44
Got a link to Taylors yarro ?

July 08, 2009, 07:46
Originally posted by molotov
Been looking at getting a blackpowder pistol, probably an 1851 navy.

I have purist leanings so different prejudices. If you are going to make a copy, copy,

I have a Uberti '60 Army, '61 Navy, '62 Pocket Navy, and a '62 Police, and a Pietta '51 Navy.
For any of the Colt copies I'd buy Uberti. All the Piettas are dimensionally off in the frames, this shouldn't effect function, it looks wrong.

For a Remington copy I'd buy a Pietta. The recent Ubertis have a dovetailed front sight that puts me off. The new Piettas I have seen are the equal to Uberti in fit and finish.

For a Uberti look at Buffalo Brothers or Texas Jack, both sell imports from Cimarron. For a Pietta look at Taylors. I've delt with all of them and Cimarron directly and have had only good experiences. For parts, Cimarron (recommended), VTI, or Taylors.

Should have said Buffalo Arms. Buffalo Bros makes fake pistol grips.

July 08, 2009, 08:19
One reason that the replicas are NOT built to be 100 % correct is the crooks.

For example, there are only a few Walkers and Pattersons around.
Hundreds, maybe thousands of replicas exist. Replicas new are a few hundred as compared to hundreds of thousands, or more, for some originals.
It's better to leave a few differences, that CAN'T be changed, that the experts will have no problem in spotting.

That won't save you from the unscrupulous or misinformed deal, if you lack the knowledge or means to authenticate one, but at least it keeps the fakers from robbing as many people.

July 08, 2009, 11:25
Originally posted by bykerhd
One reason that the replicas are NOT built to be 100 % correct is the crooks.

While I'm happy not to be tricked, I don't think the Italians had your motive. Most differences, I believe, are for economy.
For instance, Uberti Army and Navy Colts, '51, '60, '61, all use the same hammer with simple cross hatch knurls, because bordered and underlined is a bitch.
The Army frame capping scallop is too large probably because the early '51 Navy scallop is larger and the pattern was done for '51s.
The Uberti '51 Navy front sight and Remington front sight are no longer threaded into a hole because staking or a dovetail is faster and easier.