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June 21, 2009, 20:05
Any thoughts to an SKS section?

June 21, 2009, 23:28
I like that little carbine.It handles well and in a lot of cases is more accurate than the sights allow,( main draw back for me). They always go "bang" near as I can tell.All the people Ive shot with,(that picked one up back when they were almost free),have always grown to like that little carbine.
It has that "old world-meets new" thing going on and doesnt get nearly the respect from people that it deserves.Most of these people were exposed only
briefly at a range and didnt get to "know the weapon",unlike people that own and shoot them.
I lucked out and got a Russian '51 Tula arsenal SKS.Its well made for a ruskie weapon,a little rough in places,but ya goota look.Like all the SKS's Ive shot, the thing loves to shoot.Really a great buy.No bells and whistles,( but you can buy those extra),just a pure function carbine that kicks butt...but gets no respect.
Its the Rodney Dangerfield of cold war weapons.

June 22, 2009, 04:47
I agree. I got my first one in 89' . a nice little Chinese norinco. Since then I've added a Romanian, Russian Tula, and a Yugo. They're fantastic camp rifles; easy to carry and always reliable. But, they get little respect from most people.

June 22, 2009, 09:43
I think a SKS forum would be a good idea. Next to an AK they are one of the more popular guns out there. Two strong points , Cheap and Reliable.

June 22, 2009, 10:40
Never had one fail.....I like the idea.....Larry

June 23, 2009, 09:43
Personally, I have always prefered a good SKS with the fixed 10 round magazine to any of the semiauto AK/AKS clones out there. I think that the SKS has always been a superior semiauto weapon for civilian use to any AK type available without a tax stamp.

June 23, 2009, 18:39
When you figure that the SKS was produced by at least 7 different countries with many different models; a section for the SKS shooter, enthusiast, or collector wouldn't be a bad idea.


June 23, 2009, 19:06
change AK files to Combloc Files, add SKS section along with CZ/VZ, combloc pistol etc...

June 25, 2009, 10:29
One more vote for a ComBlock section. I bought my first SKS, a Russky, about two months ago. Never shot one before until I bought it. Have shot mine now only once (lack of opportunity), ~100 rounds Wolf. I like it mucho. It's simple in design, it functions with whatever cheapy ammo you have lying around (sans the rusty crusty ones), and its accurate (enough) with iron sights. What more do you want for a "head for the hills rifle"?

June 28, 2009, 16:04
Either way sounds good. I'd just like to see a little section for SKS's. However, I do know that this is the FAL Files:bow:


June 28, 2009, 17:25
A buddy of mine used to call SKS's; "Shitty kinda shooters".Then for like 70 bucks, he picked up a Norinco.Now he says he NEVER called them that.Hes got all kinds of cool things that go bang,but its the SKS he keeps in his truck.

June 28, 2009, 19:18
SKS section sounds gooood.

June 28, 2009, 20:53
All in favor of a SKS or,Com-bloc weapons section...sound off !

June 28, 2009, 22:04
sounds good to me

June 28, 2009, 22:58
I like the idea of a combloc weapons section, as opposed to just an SKS section. Would be like having seperate sections for 1903, 1917, Kar98 etc as opposed to turn bolt section. As pointed out, this is the FAL files,no need to get too specific on subsections.

And remember, CE called me brilliant the other day,that's got to carry some weight

June 29, 2009, 04:16
I guess Combloc does make more sense.

June 29, 2009, 07:22
Combloc sounds good to me.

June 29, 2009, 21:12
comblock.......= good

June 30, 2009, 07:40
ComBloc is fine.
As long as there is a picture of a hot chick with one of said ComBloc weapons in her hands, a big smile and wearing only just barely enough to satisfy Radio at the top of the Forum.:biggrin:
I think that is traditional with such weapons.:wink:
At least on the Internet anyway.

July 06, 2009, 19:56
OK, where does the "Combloc" suggestion go from here?

July 06, 2009, 20:54
BTT for further consideration.....

July 11, 2009, 11:41
As long as they're not all mixed up, or the whole thing will be useless.

Kind of hard to find threads for a nice Arsenal or VEPR under the deluge of SKS bump-firing crowd threads arguing about which CRAPCO stock makes it the most tacticool cheap rifle, sorry. I've seen too much of that on other boards.

Personally, I've never had any use for them, and there's many reasons why the AK replaced it almost immediately. If you want a forum, knock yourself out, but please don't displace the high-end stuff with it.

IMO, putting SKS in with high-end AK and comblock stuff is like mixing in a Yugo (vehicle) forum on a BMW board, and it's going to clutter it up, but YMMV. :)

July 11, 2009, 13:42
Back in the day,you could pick up a Norinco or Polytech AK for like $400.bucks with three 30 rd mags,chest pouch and cleaning equipment.I seem to remember those as being pretty well made actually.But they still only cost 400.bucks or so.The cost of AK's is higher due to all the import bans and state restrictions.I mean is an Arsenal built AK that much better than a Polytech or Norinco?
So the idea is to FUDD the com-bloc section? I've got a '51 Tula SKS thats a better choice then some of the piecemeal AK's that I see for 800.00 bucks.
Youre right about the gizmo crap.I like the way weapons are orignally designed because I believe far smarter people than I designed them that way on purpose.Trying to make it what it was never intended to be,by cramming crap all over it,is just wrong.Buy ammo and train with the weapon,instead of spending cash on trash.So I,and Im sure others,would agree with your point there.This frigging SKS of mine would feed rocks if it had to, I dont see the SKS as needing plastic mprovements. The switch over to the AK was a result of the change in tactics,tactics,(which on an army level), that made the SKS obsolete,not due to any design flaw.Just like the Garand would be today...still an excellent weapon,just replaced due to the tactics that were evolving on the battlefields.
I just think that a lot of history and design concepts in regards to com-bloc weapons,need a section that people can go to for info.
Having the AK as the only rep of the commie guns is kinda short sighted.

July 12, 2009, 00:40
+1 on ComBloc files.

Funny, I was told for years that stuff from the East was shit and I was also prepped to fight the men behind the Iron Curtain as a young boy. Now, I collect their wares and recognize them for the industrial marvels they are.

Unfortunately, we all have to deal with the other little shits that came out of the Cold War...

August 18, 2009, 19:22
OK, is a Combloc or SKS section a dead end or is it still an option? Don't get me wrong, I'll still grab one of my FAL's in a heart beat, but the SKS still has a place and it's not in the "Trash bin".


Don Williams
August 18, 2009, 19:27
bump to keep it active.

August 19, 2009, 22:31
I like my yugo,,,but adding another section is a bad idea,,,the tech infrastructure around here is crumbling like granny's molars,,,sorry just can't do it. :D :devil:

USMC 0341
August 20, 2009, 07:42
I'd say change the "AK" section into a "ComBlok Semi-auto" section (just to keep people from getting confused about where to post stuff about Mosin-Nagants).

I'll never forget a review I read by none other than Peter Kokalis about a Norinco SKS Para. He claimed he got sub-MOA groups out of that rifle - which is better than anybody ever got out of any AK.