View Full Version : Federal American Eagle in Garands

June 20, 2009, 22:37
I know for the most part,the use of most commercial 30-06 in a Garand can cause problems for the rifle.
The American Eagle stuff is the right weight...has anybody tried it in a Garand?
I'm just wondering about the type of powder and burn rates...Is it too hot?

June 20, 2009, 23:43
From what I've heard from the factory on the subject the AE load is tailored to the Garand gas system. Last I heard they also were producing the load used for the Garand Match at Perry as well. I know I've used it in several of my Garands over the past 8 years and it's not harmed any of them in the slightest. It hasn't been as accurate for ME as LC66 has been but it's not bad either.

June 21, 2009, 09:33
Thanks for the info,I appreciate it.

June 21, 2009, 10:13
I second what Doubletap said. My local Garand expert told me to shoot either that or surplus ammo and I'd be fine.

He came over to me and schooled me several years ago when I was shooting some commercial ammo through my beater SA Garand. He could tell from 50 feet away what I was doing because the how far the brass was flying.

July 17, 2009, 12:16
Here is a thread concerning using commercial ammo in a Garand. One post concerns AE ammo.


December 13, 2009, 22:15
As a follow up on this...I ran this Federal, AE3006N American Eagle 150 grain 30-06,ammo through my CMP SA Garand the other day.
Stuff groups very well.Ejects to the same point( close anyway) as the Greek stuff I started with.Rifle functioned perfectly.No problems.I saw the 2900fps on the back of the box and had second thoughts.But the Greek stuff is pretty hot,so I figured WTH? At 16 bucks a box its almost affordable,plus...its available.
Supposedly,Federal has an American Eagle line of 30-06 ammo being made specifically for the Garand..But I have yet to see any around.
I would like to know if anybody thinks that this generic AE stuff is too hot. I'd appreciate your input on this...:beer: