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V guy
June 12, 2009, 15:35
A friend just stopped by with new notebook computer but forgot her wireless intenet card. The computer went on line anyway and was piggybacking on someone close by.

Since I have no such service, she was able to look for the access and got this: spe.atdmt.gvt.com.

I live near several state prisons but over 5 miles away.
Any idea what the access point is? Buried in my walls?

As an update, We took a drive and this piggyback access held on for 3 miles away from my home, before an Verizon signal became available. Is this stuff normal? The computer has the latest up to date stuff in it, but it sure seemed strange to me.

V guy
June 13, 2009, 11:06
As I am not very up to date on electronics, I was informed that "whyfy" internet zones are springing up all over the place, even up here near the canadian border.

Apparently the little computers come with the ability to get on line but you have to plug in a little card that says you paid for the service and that card is a simple, "yes you paid", or "no you did not pay" deal.

If piggyback in a big "wyfy" zone you apparently never have to pay? Theft of services?
Few of my "elderly" friends understand this stuff. Apparently you have to be under 30 to be up to date on electronics. Hell, I threw my last cell phone away two years ago.

L Haney
June 20, 2009, 17:00
You can use "Netstumbler" as a sniffer to track down where it is. Turns your laptop into a wireless sniffer. Good tool.