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Para Driver
June 08, 2009, 21:37
my buddy has an M1D and he's having a problem..

We were at the range yesterday, and he's out of windage adjustment. The gun shoots at 3:00 about 6-8 inches out of center. Is there a shimming procedure for the mount, or does it have to be surface ground at an angle?

Also, who's the 'go to guy' for scope repairs on these?

Survey Punk
June 09, 2009, 07:07
No trimming or shimming necessary. On each knob is a very tiny nut dead center in the top of the knob. Surrounding this is another nut. Make a tool to loosen the tiny nut. For Gods Sake DO NOT lose that tiny nut!!! . You can now loosen the larger nut with a combo tool or similar. Pry up the knob a bit with a small screwdriver until it's loose then you lift it up over a stop and set it back down. Tighten the larger then smaller nut.
To regulate you only need loosen the larger nut. Sight in at 300yds. Loosen the nut, lift the knob and set it down on "3".

As of now I don't know of anyone who workes on these scopes.

Let me know if this is too confusing.

June 21, 2009, 07:13
The last of the scope repair guys died some time ago.

They are nice collector weapons but lousy sniper rifles.

Survey Punk
August 17, 2009, 11:14
Para Driver,
I found the print version of the article on how to adjust and calibrate the M84 scope.
Email your mailing address and I'll copy it for you.

I'd have PM'd this info, but...:rolleyes: