View Full Version : are big orders better?

May 13, 2009, 09:39
the only time I did business with DSA was last december, i ordered a handful of mags and a new fal pistol grip, but after a month or 2 I finally got the mags I ordered but no pistol grip. Ironically the pistol grip is what I wanted the most, but I am glad I ordered the mags when I did, they ran out and jump the price 5 bucks. I am thinking of ordering the pistol grip again with a new buttstock and maybe a handful of small things like stripper clips and other little accessories, but I am worried that it'll take a long time again, and I will be missing parts and have to pay more shipping fees. Is it better or more wise to put all your wants in one basket?

May 13, 2009, 11:16
Midway had the DSA grip in stock recently, I just got one in the last few weeks.

May 14, 2009, 07:35
The risk in ordering many different items at once is that some will be out of stock and delay the order. As others have posted you may get a partial order instead if the wait looks to be a long time. I would weigh that issue versus shipping savings on a given order to make your decision.


May 14, 2009, 17:52
I was looking at the saw grip, and the x series stock, some of those cheap leather mag pouches a handful of stripper clips and a 5 round mag for hunting one day

May 16, 2009, 16:30
Originally posted by munchoman
DSA does not charge shipping on back orders

Before you reorder anything, call and ask if they have it on backorder. And don't talk to the guy that answers the phone. Talk to one of the girls. Sorry, I don't remember the names.