View Full Version : Opinions on Savage BAT/S Bolt Gun?

May 02, 2009, 18:40
I know that these are fairly new and probably few, if any, have found their way into the hands of FALers, but I have been impressed with the magazine articles I've read and find myself Jones'n heartily for one of these "Tactical" (heh, heh) tack drivers.
What do you'se guys tink?

May 03, 2009, 12:05
I have 2-A Model 10FP in .308 and a newly acquired Model 12 BVSS in .223-The 308 will shoot 1"moa or less and the .223 is .3/4" moa and with practice or a better shooter at the helm could easily be 1/2" moa.-I was looking at getting a FN SPR that I could get a good deal on but the cost of glass and quality base and rings was easily pushing $2000.00+
I bought both on the used market and the combined cost of both including glass less than the FN-IMHO a great starter rifle to accessorize and test your skills in the tac rifle dept-Plan on ditching the Savage stock and Bell & Carlson makes a standard nice replacement for $100.00(on my .308) and a Mcmillian A2 clone for $300.00(on my .223-real comfortable but heavy)

I shoot weekly with both and my targets are 3/4" sticker dots @ 100 and clay pigeons @300-easily done by both rifles-I have some feeding issues w my .308 but I'm working it out
I have alot to learn with both these firearms before I even consider moving on to a custom or higher end tac rifle;reading the wind, heartbelt and breathing control,range estimation, and improving on basic skills. Savage opens the door to long range, accurate shooting for the everyday guy-Always nice to pulverize what you fire at

May 03, 2009, 17:08
Sorry about my post-I saw Savage bolt guns and forgot about the new tactical their making-no info for that one-Only seen the internet info