View Full Version : Entreprise Brit Receivers DONE and shipping soon??

April 30, 2009, 14:31

I called and talked to Entreprise today and they said they were building kits and will be shipping back ordered Brit receivers within two weeks.

Anyone else heard this? I thought Gunplumber was going to do a review before they started shipping or building?

Very interested in seeing how this turns out.


May 01, 2009, 14:57
Mine are on the way, have the UPS tracking info. Should be at the FFL early next week. I'll post what I get... keeping my fingers crossed!



May 01, 2009, 15:32
Your what are on the way? Did you order rifles or receivers? I was on the list for a couple but haven't heard anything. Are they shipping receivers?

May 01, 2009, 16:07
Originally posted by sturmgrenadiere
Mine are on the way, have the UPS tracking info. Should be at the FFL early next week. I'll post what I get... keeping my fingers crossed!



Ben, are you doing a pre-release review of them or are these final production receivers?

Did anyone do a review of them yet?


May 01, 2009, 16:45
did you opt for a custom serial number or just whatever they assign?

I hope I'll be getting the call soon....

May 01, 2009, 17:42
I just called. And I'll tell you what, I can't be more discouraged. After being on the list for 2 years, before they were even sure they would make them. Now they have apparently lost and/or mixed up my order, which was both faxed in from the FFL, faxed in seperately by me, emailed by me, and confirmed by telephone twice, each time with the custom serial numbers. They tell me today that they only have one receiver on order, and it won't be ready for months, and to top it off, it will have the serial number of an Australian receiver that I placed on order 3 years ago!!!!! ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Update. ok, they say if I refax my orders, they will straighten it out. But it will still be an indefinite amount of time. I'll probably still be sitting on these kits when I'm 100 years old. I will add that at one point sometime last year, I was told directly by the man organizing the Brit receiver project that I would get at least one receiver out of the first batch. I guess I won't now. I won't soon forget this kind of customer service. :mad:

May 01, 2009, 20:21
Bummer. I have DSA inch receivers in hand as back-up. I would love a couple British cut receivers.

May 02, 2009, 04:15
Receivers. Regretfully no custom SN's, those would not have been ready prior to my move overseas.

I am not doing a "review" of any sort, though I'll post what get....

December 14, 2010, 11:16
BTT :biggrin:

December 14, 2010, 11:26
I just picked up an Entreprise brit cut receiver a few days ago. I emailed Matt about buying one and he said they had them in stock. I sent him the serial number I wanted and had the receiver in my hands in less than a week.

See my review here:


December 14, 2010, 16:11
I received my custom numbered British receiver last week. The time from ordering to receiving was 6 weeks. Not too bad for a custom job.

December 14, 2010, 16:16
I think I MIGHT have bought the LAST one today--12-14. It will be
numbered to match the lower in the bottom picture. Pete