View Full Version : Can I get help with an exchang?

April 26, 2009, 12:39
I boought a US made DSA alloy charging handle at a gunshow last week. I took it home, installed it in place of the Crapco unit that keeps coming unscrewed, charged the rifle, and the cocking knob pulled away at the front.

It was jammed at this point, as the spring loaded retaining pin was mis-aligned, and when I tied to free it, the knob broke off completely. It also broke a little at the front end of the slide when I tried to work it out of the receiver, which can be seen in the second photo. It is clearly a defective part, as the metal is very week.

I got one email back from the seller, in which he seemed interested in helping, but he is now ignoring me. This was a cash over the table sale, and I have no receipt, but the part is brand new, with no wear, other than the breaks.

Can I exchange this, or am I SOL?



April 27, 2009, 07:38
You would need to call and speak to customer service about that, (847) 277-7258. I am not authorized to approve exchanges, but they can let you know what the policy is on that.