View Full Version : Taurus Titanium .38 Question

TideWater 41009
April 14, 2009, 23:20
I recently bought a used, but like new Taurus model 85 "Ultra-Lite Titanium" .38 Special caliber, 5-shot revolver with 2" barrel. I am really pleasantly surprised with the quality of the little gun and like it very much. It seemes to be lighter in weight than my S&W model 642, which has an aluminum frame. This leads me to wonder how many, and what parts of the Taurus are actualy made of titanuim? I read somewhere that the cylinder is titanuim and the barrel is titanuim with a stainless steel bore insert.

April 23, 2009, 23:28
i think your pretty much right

i have a titanium 357 by Taurus and its a little gem
it has the stainless barrel insert and rubber handles. i would hope the rest is Ti