View Full Version : Mini SA58 FAL OSW

April 05, 2009, 01:13
Is the select-fire version of this rifle available to civilians? I thought I had the laws and stuff figured out but then I read some other stuff that got me confused some more. I talked to the guy at one of the stores here who deals with class III stuff and he didn't mention anything about me not being able to buy it, but I'm not sure. Also, what mode of select fire is on this rifle? 2, 3 round burst?


April 05, 2009, 01:20
As I understand it: if you have a select-fire FAL NFA variant, you can send it to DSA via FFL for an OSW conversion.

April 05, 2009, 21:22
No.....civilians cannot purchase any "modern" select fire weapon. They can only be purchased by Military, LE Departments, and NFA Dealers as Dealer Samples.

The only machine guns that civilians can buy are the insanely expensive one's that are transferable due to being manufactured and registered before the ban in 1986. Sure wish I bought a bunch of Machine guns back in 1986, because they sell for a grip these days. I think full auto AK's and M-16's sell for like $15k - $20k each