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April 01, 2009, 10:39
I received some updates on when various items will be ready to ship, so here they are in a single post. This does not include various receivers. My suggestion on those is order them if you want one so at least your name is on the list. When the various types ship you will have the best chance to get one versus someone who waits to order.

Scope Mounts 2-3 weeks (finishing large amount)
New plastic hand guard is done first ones are shipping with a new stronger steel front, so say 2-3 weeks for back orders
AR lower all should be filled and in 2 months we will be shipping the new type with "HK" selector markings
Para kits 3-4 weeks
Semi selectors 2 weeks (finishing large amount)
Gas plugs 2 weeks (finishing large amount)
B&T out of stock items 3 weeks (just did the first 09 order)
Rifles an average of 3 months (1-6 months is what we are seeing)
Cocking handles 2 weeks (finishing large amount)
Green brass saver bags are in stock
Black brass saver bags are 1-2 months (you may want to change your order to green if waiting)

I hope that helps everyone.

Thank you!


April 10, 2009, 16:29
Thanks so much for that update!
Any word on quick detach FAL light bipods?