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March 21, 2009, 13:49
The rifle I bought recently came with three magazines ~ all unmarked. The seller "thought" they were original military surplus, thus not of US manufacture.

Since then I have bought several more from the online auction sites, and now find myself with one more having no apparent markings at all, one with the follower marked ICR-1506 R.F.I. - 67 which I assume is British, and one marked on the left hand side with ED mark followed by 960-0017.

All magazines are inch pattern and seem to be in good working order ~ a recent stay in hospital has kinnda put a hold on things for a while.

Mild curiosity has me wondering what the likely origins of these mags are.

March 21, 2009, 14:03
The follower marked: ICR-1506 R.F.I. - 67 is Indian with the year of manufacture being 1967. R.F.I. is Royal Factory Ishapore. The mag body would be marked the same if all Indian. The ED 960-0017 would be British, manufacturer, Enfield.

I hope your convalescence goes well and, HTH.


March 21, 2009, 15:57
Thanks for the information, Doug, and for the good wishes. I have just re-discovered this link, and so am now getting some education:


March 22, 2009, 12:13
I'm pretty sure that RFI = Rifle Factory, Ishapore. Ishapore is just outside Calcutta. Sometime just after WWII, the name was changed from GRI to RFI. GRI having something to do with King George and Royalty, I think.

If any have an Indian magazine body, you'll notice it is a little longer than it's Western counterparts. Not sure why that is, but always wondered if it was some kind of improvement on the part of the Indians.

March 22, 2009, 14:02
I had the same question a while back ..here is a link to my posting :