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wayne in boca
March 15, 2009, 07:36
Does anyone have one of the Rhineland .45 ACP FAL conversions?I have one of the ones that use 30 round M3A1 grease gun mags,and I like it a lot.I put a multi-reticle Bushnell Trophy red-dot sight on it with an old FAC receiver cover scope mount,and this thing is fun.And it's accurate,too.I can keep a can airborne at 75 yards until the mag runs out.Only bad thing is everybody else wants to shoot it,so it can get expensive if you fire factory ammo.
I saw a Mythbusters episode where they shot rifles at water to test penetration.All the rifle bullets blew apart on impact,but pistol bullets,notably .45 ACP,penetrated 15-20 feet.So I made my carbine my dedicated shark/enemy frogmen gun.:D

March 15, 2009, 16:30
Yep, I've got a Rhineland gun on a WAC receiver that takes the Tommy mags. Neat little item. Also have enough parts to build up a couple more .45's and a few 9mm's. I received a Century receiver from Thomas that has been milled slightly for the Greasegun mags and that'll probably get built next. Then there's the Entreprise receiver that's been milled for the Suomi 9mm drums, and another WAC for whatever 9mm mags seem reasonable,.........

And then there's the early Rhineland Tommy mag .45 on the WAC with the auto/safety sear and happy switch. That one is loads of fun!