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March 05, 2009, 17:39
Not looking for instruction - already surfed & read most falfiles threads, etc ad-nauseum. I just really have a comment while I'm waiting for my action wrench to come in to put the final torque on the barrel. I put a really good effort preparing the barrel step to time at the 11:00 "triangle" position. I lapped the surface of the barrel, and when I hand tighten the 2 parts they REALLY mate together well - the 2 surfaces are mirror to mirror and bind up really quick in that old familiar "thud" you get when 2 exactly mating surfaces mesh up and stick together. I can sorta slam them together by hand and you have to take a crescent to get them back apart - not galling, just really good surface meshing. I will be distorting metal to a big degree to torque the 2 parts to 12:00. Am I missing something here? Should I move it up to 11:30?

March 05, 2009, 18:02
You should put some anti-sieze on the threads when you barrel it. If you are using a good barrel vice and receiver wrench your timing of the barrel is fine. Some guys will tighten in a barrel that times to about 10:30 with no problems.

Ron Walker
March 05, 2009, 18:12
Factory specs indicate 120 ft/lbs of torque, but 100 will do fine. Ron

March 05, 2009, 19:12
thanks, guys. i'll quit obsessing over it....