View Full Version : Looking for someone to chop some HGs

March 04, 2009, 23:05
I have built two short gas system FrankenFALs. I have DSA handguards on both. I am building a 9mm and 45acp fal with short gas systems. Actually, they don't use gas but the gas block is closer to the receiver like the DSA rifles. I have a set of Izzy and commonwealth handguards that I would like to have cut to fit these rifles. I'm looking for someone, with experience preferably, to do the work. The Izzy HGs need to be cut and welded back together and the commonwealth need to be cut and rivited. I believe the difference in length is 3" but don't quote me. I could do it myself with time and patience but this is my idea of stimulating the economy.

Thanks for looking.