View Full Version : Backorder Notification

March 03, 2009, 09:21
I love your website, but I do have one gripe. Please include an out of stock indicator when I order things. I know these days are crazy, but I don't assume when I am ordering something mundane that even it might be back ordered.

I don't mind backorders, I would just like to know WHEN I ORDER, not 2 weeks later when I have to call customer service and ask where is my stuff?

It is really frustrating when you order something and you aren't even any kind of eta or notice. It's not like I have too many other sites I can go to these days to order FAL parts, so its not like you are going to loose a lot of business by being honest about back orders.

Thanks, sorry for being grumpy, it is a big pet peeve with ALL websites I order from


J Miller