View Full Version : Blackpowder Enfield loadings

March 02, 2009, 22:06
A friend of mine brought up the thought of haveing a rifle in which it's cartridges could be filled with blackpowder or smokeless powder, incase he runs into limited acsess to propellants or if he has to make his own for his .45-70 lever and wheelguns. If I remember correctly the enfields used blackpowder at one point in time, anyone ever try it out to see what differences there are between the powders aside from the smoke. In my eyes this seems like the first step to maintain individual sustainability in SHTF scenario.

March 02, 2009, 22:17
The nice thing with the .303 Brit is that its darn near impossible to overload with BP. Just fill the case up & seat a bullet!

Your biggest problem wil be fouling of the bore. BP fouls very heavily & very quickly. The older enfields had rifling designed to handle BP fouling, but the newer #4s don't really.
Maybe in a #1Mk3 with the deeper cut grooves you'd do better??

It is good messy fun to shoot with BP though, but I doubt the practicality for sustained firing between cleanings. For hunting or anything else with low round counts between cleaning it should be nice with heavy (220gr) bullets. Thiks was pretty much the older rounds "standard" with compressed BP pellets.