View Full Version : SAGE MK14 (CHASIS) VS PARA TAC 58

February 22, 2009, 12:07
Apples to apples, what r the pro's and con's, if we have a MK14-but with the 16'inch barrel, compared the the SA58 Para Tac with 16 inch barrel?

What do you think about....




And any difference maker/breaker.

Don't forget, it's apples to apples, not a 21'in National Match vs. SA58, were talking 16'bbl's, the only difference is the M14 Sage chasis. What do you guys think?

February 22, 2009, 18:40
What type of M14? I have personally shot a Socom with Sage stock as well as the Socom II. I liked the Socom but thought the Socom II was silly. But, if you are talking about something in a Sage stock and custom receiver... then I can't comment other than it will be pretty pricey.

I think the M1A or M14 has a much better trigger pull than the FAL but isn't as ergonomical (to me at least.) As far as reliability, both my NM M1A and Para Congo are very good. I have spent more on magazines for my M1 (CMI) and think that has resulted in better performance that the surplus magazines purchased from DSArms.

I would expect 1" or less at 50 yards with iron sights. Beyond 50 my eyes fail me more than the rifle.

February 22, 2009, 18:53
I think the FAL would make a far superior carbine.

-Better ergos
-Better choice of parts (all kinds of configurations)
-Far cheaper parts at that!
-Roughly same accuracy
-Less recoil
-Cheaper mags
-Easier options as an optics platform

February 22, 2009, 22:38
I have both a SOCOM 16 and a DSA Para-Tactical.

The SOCOM is more reliable, recoils less (with the included muzzlebrake) and has a much better trigger (even though I paid the $150 for the DSA "Speed Trigger" upgrade and my SOCOM is more accurate.

The M14 design has about half the parts count of the FAL design.

The writer "Boston T. Party" does a comprehensive review of all the .308 battle rifles in his book "The Gun Bible" and he rates the M14 (M1A) first and the FAL second.

Based on my experience, I would agree. I like my FAL but I think the SOCOM is better and I think the M14 design is superior. Unfortunately, it is a significantly more expensive platform when you figure magazines, parts, and accessories, but it is the best that I have found.

FYI, If you have the scope mount on your FAL, make sure to hold the rifle upside down when removing the bolt for cleaning......else you will jam the bolt carrier solidly against the scope mount, the cover will have to be removed, and then you will have to remount and re-loctite all the little screws...and re-zero.

Ask me how I know this...