View Full Version : FNG with a few questions

February 15, 2009, 02:38

I have recently purchased a new SA58C18 from a local FFL.

First, I am trying to fill out the warranty card and it asks for the "Manufacture Date" where would I find this information on the Rifle?

Second, I am looking to get a complete detailed list of the features / options that were installed at the factory. I have sent an email to DSA requesting this information a few days ago and as of yet haven't received a reply. I certainly can appreciate how busy DSA is right now, so any help would be appreciated.

S/N is DS35032 I just want it to document the actual features of the Rifle should I ever decide to sell it in the future. Maybe a way to look this information up on the web would be a good idea? I am not really looking to find out the price the FFL paid but rather making sure what I have is what I paid for.

February 16, 2009, 09:00
You can just use the purchase date on the warranty card. DSA can give you some history on the rifle, but I would suggest holding off for now until the panic buying subsides. There are so many calls for orders that general information calls or emails may not get returned in a timely fashion. I would say shoot it, have a good time, and in a month try calling directly for that information. Surely things will slow down by then. I would think I cannot be the only guy who is already out of money!


Thank you!