View Full Version : OT - Help On Leather Holster Repair ?

February 12, 2009, 16:23
I picked up an old, probably unused, Lawrence holster with some cuts in the leather.
Not a surprise as the seller was very honest on the issue.
It is useable as is, but will start to have issues, eventually.

I would like to do a non-stitch type repair.
I tried out some gel type Super Glue on a couple pieces of scrap leather and found it did not hold well at all.
Other suggestions or ideas ?
The cuts are clean and the holster has never been treated with anything since made, that I can see.

February 12, 2009, 16:26
Rear view with a couple of the worst cuts.

February 12, 2009, 16:30
Are there any tack shops around you? I take odd ball stuff to a local horse tack shop that does leather repairs.

February 12, 2009, 17:46
Hadn't thought of tack shops & yes there are a couple around. I think anyway.
Lots of yuppie, horsie types around here.
I was hoping for a simple home repair though.

February 12, 2009, 18:17
Shoe repair shop should be able to handle it.

Heck, most of 'em around here look to be run by Afghani's.
Should be right up their alley.

February 12, 2009, 21:53
Tack shops seem better at this than shoe shops. They have heavier equipment. It may have something to do with the employees that work at one versus the other in my opinion.

February 12, 2009, 22:35
UNusual damage there!
Double needle and some flax or nylon stitching thread!
Take care of the cuts at the edge stitching and yer all good. A nice cross or surgeon's stitch across the belt flap cut will do.

The damage will only add character and the repairs will make it yer own:D

February 13, 2009, 00:51
Unusual damage indeed.
There are five separate cuts.
All clean and straight like they were made with some sort of cutter pliers that maybe uses razor type blades. I have a Craftsman pair that would do it.
I can't imagine why someone would cut up a custom made holster.

February 13, 2009, 02:46
I'd patch it. Go to the tack shop, paw through some scrap leather. Find something of suitible thickness.
Have your man stitch it down. It will reinforce the damaged area. Should last the life of the holster.
I've "sleeved' & patched my share of tack & leashes & stuff.

Actually, from the pics, the cuts don't look all the way through, depending on how much the holster is carried, it will probably hold up pretty well anyway.
Are those cuts, or pressed creases ?

February 13, 2009, 10:50
They're cuts Illurian00. Right through the leather.
About the same on both sides of the leather.

February 13, 2009, 15:02

What i've been using for a general flexible adhesive/sealant for is called 'GOOP',,,usually find it at auto & hardware stores. Sticks real good to most things. . Just reset the binding on an old family bible with it. Sets quick so do your prep work.

Cut the patch to shape, GOOP it in place , STICH.

That said, looks like a nice holster. And what deltaten said.