View Full Version : 629 saves days work.

January 29, 2009, 21:14
We were logging today on a ranch in rural northern Idaho. The power company had cut some trees along their power line right away and I was skidding them with my D5.
A little tree, we would call it a whip, got pushed over and fell against the power lines. I went back to my pickup and called the power Co, nobody was there, out here in the sticks of rural Idaho, the whole darn office goes to lunch at the same time.
We went back to look at the tree, it was across both lines, smoking and shooting sparks. The tree was maybe 3" in diameter a foot below the line.
I took my 629 mountain gun out of my pickup, stood back about 20 yards and started shooting into the tree about a foot below the line. I lined up the whip with a big tree for a backstop. 10 shots later the whip broke off and fell out of the line.
We went back to work....

February 01, 2009, 17:35
Nothin' like havin' the right tool for the job! :D

Good shootin'! :bow: