View Full Version : L1A1 Muzzle brake options

January 29, 2009, 19:49
Title says it all pretty much. What are my options for a muzzle brake threaded 9/16 x 24 R.H.?
Who has them?

January 30, 2009, 22:42
I'd rather have a flash hider than a muzzle brake. Muzzle brakes lessen
felt recoil by diverting out the sides and top - makes them obnoxiously
loud. Fal's don't kick that bad anyway.

If you have 7 other US parts already, buy a 3 or 5 slot L1A1 fh - very
cheap. Plus they look cool as Heck. Don't forget timing washers,key,
and pin.

If you need it to be US made, Moses is selling them on Marketplace.
DSA also advertises rh threaded US made fh.