View Full Version : Replacing Metal On Metric H-Grds

January 15, 2009, 17:47
Has anyone been able to take the metal off a set of beat up Inch or Metric H-grds and put them on a new set of Ironwood H-grds. Reason I ask is because most sets of metric are beat and when a near new perfect pops they tend to get real expensive.

January 16, 2009, 10:11
Seen it done, IIRC, with wood/laminate Aussie HGs.
The metal is cast into the plastic on all others, if I don't miss my guess. If memory serves, the StG steel HGS are a tad smaller in size behind the front mount, Ya might be able to part off a front end and mechanically fasten into a set of plastic/FG, then epoxy in place.

That is what I did with my US L1A1/922/self produced HGs. StG front popped to stainless steel sheet metal, then epoxy, fiberglass and ballistic cloth laminated. They are only a tad stronger in dimension than stock units.

Anything is possible to a particularly intent individual:D