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evan price
January 12, 2009, 02:38
After spending lots of time debating if I wanted to get the Tikka or the FN PBR, I wound up getting a Remington 700 Police Sniper in .308 Win with detachable magazine that appeared at a local shop. Leupold mount and box & papers. 26" heavy bull barrel, HS Precision fully bedded stock, X-mark Pro trigger.
I'm thinking 6-24x44 scope & Leupold rings, Harris bipod, and a lot of LC Match brass with 165 SST's and varget in my future.

Anyone else got one?

January 12, 2009, 10:03
Nope, but I have an older 700VLS with a Leupold VXIII 4.5-14X40mm on Leupy rings. Trigger is adjusted to 2.5lbs, and sits on a Harris bipod.
26" Heavy BBL, matte satin finish, laminated stock.

My only complaints are one about the remington design - the bolt opens pretty wide - there are some 60degree designs out there - browning, Tikka too I believe.
Others just come with the territory - rifle + laminated stock is heavy, 26" bbl is unwieldy, and adds to the weight, and I wish I had used the side focus/long range version of the scope instead of AO. Would have liked an oxide/parkerized finish for durability too.

That being said, I also love the weight from a recoil standpoint, love the scope, I love the barrel length too, and if I was to actually change something someday, it would be to lighten it with a good synthetic stock like you have, and possibly a scope with the side focus or refinish with parkerizing. You are closer to my ideal rifle than I am now :)

It is absolutely boring to shoot, and I only wish my otherwise perfect CZ hunting rifle had as smooth a bolt.

You absolutely made a superb choice, now don't skimp on optics!