View Full Version : Refinishing and DuraCoat

January 07, 2009, 20:43
I bought some DuraCoat "Park" and had a few questions before I spray. I can't find any 120 grit aluminum oxide to blast with only 80 or 320. I am trying to decide if I can just sandpaper the rough spots smooth and go over that.
Also I have to spray in my basement but it's kind of cool, what is the minimum temp I should try and spray it in?
The last q is just a personal pref but anyway the Imbel receiver was new and I thought I would skip spraying that but it is grey and would not match but figured it would look ok as I have seen a few with the similar contrast.

January 07, 2009, 21:39
I have sprayed a couple guns with dura coat. Both the ones I did were blued. I called them about the sandblasting (couldnt find anywhere or anyone to do it) and they said to use 600 grit sand paper if sandblasting was not a option. The 600 grit paper is just enough to give the dura coat something to stick too, but not enough to show through.
If your gun is painted and chiped/scratched up, you could start out with a rougher grit to get it all evened out, and then switch to the fine paper to smooth the rough sanding marks out.
Trust me when I say, the more time you spend on proper prep work, the better it will turn out. Make sure you de grease the crap out of it. Every single little nook and cranny but be clean and free of dirt, crud, and oil. Spend a lot of time on that too. Wear some latex gloves when you handle it after you degrease, so you dont leave any residue from your skin on the metal, because that will make it rust, FAST.
Dont spray it in your basement unless you have some way to pull out all the fumes. Dont risk your helth or the helth of anyone living with you. Put a large fan in a window or doorway and paint it right in front of it.
Not sure on the min temp, you may try calling them and asking.