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January 06, 2009, 22:09
Just got a 8mm 98k carbine with winter trigger guard and early style bayonet. bolt and receiver have matching numbers. Shoots pretty nice, havent had much time with it yet, and waiting on more ammo currently

Cleaned it up some last night. Need to spend a little more time on it, damn cosmolene is resilient. I am very happy with it. Was wondering if anyone could point me in a direction to find more out about my rifle, some of its history.

I know it was made in BRNO Factory in Czechoslovakia under Nazi occupation, but I cant find a date stamp on it. There are a few crests, a shield with some numbers in it and some letters.

I'll try to get closeup pics of it all and post.

ANy info or direction pointing would be awesome.

January 07, 2009, 08:50
IT was built after WWII mostly from left over parts. They are really nice rifles.

Fr. Vince

January 07, 2009, 12:42
so then Samco Global is lieing to me? They claim it was ..."Manufactured at BRNO Factory in Czechoslovakia under Nazi occupation during WWII."

this one: http://www.samcoglobal.com/m98k.html

January 07, 2009, 21:31
I have no real info to give, but the parts could have been mfg'd in Nazi occupied terrritory, and assembled later.

Not that I have ANY insight into whether that is true or not.

January 07, 2009, 21:51
there is stuff ground off the top of the receiver. Im thinking maybe the original date codes of manufacture were taken off then when it was "rebuilt", that was stamped on it.

I found 1 stamp with what lo0ks like a 53 under it, but the 1st digit is messed up a bit.

It doesnt really matter one way or the other, I was just curious to find out the past of the tangible history I am holding in my hands.

January 08, 2009, 20:04
couple pics. more so0n