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K. Funk
January 03, 2009, 16:16
I recently acquired a Remington 700 in .30-06 at the right price. I would like to put together a nice long range (MOA @ 500-600 yds) accurized package, on a budget , of course. The only things fixed in stone at this point are the Remington 700 action and the caliber, which I want to keep as .30-06. I do have a medium contour 26" barrel in .30-06 that I would like to use, but not locked in at this point. Looking for ideas as to what to do to accurize the action, stock suggestions, optics, etc. I don't want to spend a gazillion dollars, but I do have a few bucks to spend. Looking forward to your ideas.



January 03, 2009, 16:50
I like the Nikon Buckmaster 6-18x on my 700. So far anyway. Fairly reasonable price for what it is. Mine has the BDC reticle(bullet drop compensator) and 1/8 adjustments. Rings and bases are problematic for 1" scopes. The better set-ups are all for 30 mm tubes and are quite expensive. You can buy any of the standard 1" set-ups, if you are happy with them.
The H-S stocks are nice but are now being Zumboed because of H-S using the FBI's Ruby Ridge sniper for their advertising. MacMillan supposedly still makes good stuff though.

Ron Walker
January 03, 2009, 21:06
I personally would true the action and lap the bolt lugs before barrelling, and make sure barrel is trued to receiver. ream to minimum headspace for chamber. After that, a good trigger job on the Rem. trigger(they can be made pretty good), a synthetic stock with either pillar or glass bedding, and freefloated barrel. Lap in your scope rings, make sure your muzzle crown is true, and a good quality scope, and you should get pretty good accuracy with the right load. Ron

January 04, 2009, 00:12
does it shoot well as it is? i have a LTR that has had nothing done to it that shoots .5 all day long with hornady TAP ammo. like Ron said have the normal stuff done to it. accurize the action: lap the lugs, square off the reciever, re-cut threads, work the trigger over, new recoil lug and bed it if needed (stock dependant). stock design depends on what is comfortable for you.

i have the following stocks here in pa if you want to get a feel for them.

you have held my Mcmillan A5 in that 300wm i got.

i have an AICS 2.0 if you want to fondle that.

i have a B&C tactical medalist fully adjustable its a SA but you can get a feel for that. (5th one down)

Joel Russo who is a local guy in harrisburg, makes laminate stocks in any shape you want. hell he's ripped a blank off of every Mcmillan stock i own. even the M40 return stock i got. he should be done with my CZ550 .308 in the next week. i could bring it over also if you want.

Mcmillan makes nice stocks but are pricey. Heres there closeout listing for remingtons

JW precison has Mcmillan A-5s in stock, no wait.

Manners makes fantastic stocks also and are cheaper and the wait time is about 3 weeks instead of 8 months for Mcmillan.

EGW in quakerstown makes awesome scope bases from 0-45 MOA cant for about 40.00. a true 1913 picatinny rail. you can find them on ebay all the time or just call them.

rings are a dime a dozen anymore. i have arms #22's, US Optics, Leupy MK4's, TPS, and seekins. you cant go wrong with any of them. you can get 30mm rings and get 1" inserts to fit your 1" tubes if you go that route. i have a friend who shoots a 338 lapua mag with burris extreme rings (IIRC they are aluminum also) and he hasnt complained about them. they are not that expensive either.

scopes i have here are US Optics, Nikon Monarch UCC, leupy Mk4's, LeupyVX-III might have a 10x SS in a friends safe. Leupy PRT Mk4. again i can bring any of them by and you can use them for a bit if you want.

if any of this will help you with your decision let me know. just some food for thought.