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January 01, 2009, 10:42
tell me what kind of modifications an owner of a transferrable smg can make without involving a class 3 gunsmith.

supposing a guy was to take a 9mm subgun and convert it multi caliber by adding a 762X25 barrel option and going to pps43 magwell/magazines, which should feed both? would this be legal, and would it require prior or post notification to ATFE? supposing a guy wanted to add a buttstock or lengthen a barrel or whatever? is the papered receiver restricted from conversion?

from what i hear the practical features of the receiver, such as charging handle slot and magwell location may not be changed without approval, but what about teh rest of it?

January 01, 2009, 12:32
Caliber conversions don't require any notification or approval unless they're considered permanent. Then notification only,..........no prior approval required. If you're making changes to the receiver it gets a little more gray. If it's reversible, it's generally not a problem. As long as the receiver is still usable in its original form its OK. Adding things like a magwell probably OK. There's an unofficial rule that limits changes to 20% in size, either adding or subtracting length, etc, but those I would expect to get prior approval for. Changing position or dimensions on feed and ejection ports, handle slots, not allowed. Changes made from one model to another in the same weapon 'family' seem to have a little more leeway.

Buttstocks and barrel length can be changed on a whim. Barrel length and OAL change should be noted if it's going to be permanent. I don't think there'd be a problem welding a PPS magwell onto a STen tube and converting the caliber for instance, as long as required markings aren't on the magwell. Can't do anything to change the required markings. Serial number has to stay original. Manufacturer's info has to stay original. Caliber/model can be changed.

January 01, 2009, 19:09
could be that a magwell would be easily modified from sten type to pps43 type with a little cutting and welding.

January 02, 2009, 15:46
Yeah I briefly considered the rather easy mods I would need to make in order to make my Uzi shoot 7.62x25, but no.

If the ammo were 1-2 cents a round, sure, but at 9 cents a round or so it isn't worth it.

Still, if the Uzi ever becomes inexpensive again, maybe.