View Full Version : Kit ID help please

December 29, 2008, 23:57
OK so I'm new to FAL's, but not building rifles. This is one that I'm going to build with the help of an experienced FAL builder (or two). I've watched the AGI video and read all the tacked threads, but......308 that close to my face.......

I dug this kit out of my basement. Bought it a year or two ago for $500 (IIRC), including the receiver.

I know it's metric.

The selector letters are "A R S", the locking lever is horizontal. Everything with a S/N matches. I would estimate the finish to be over 80%.

The receiver is an Imbel Gear logo, imported by Pacific Armament Corporation Modesto, CA. Inside the magwell is inscribed "2002"

What can you FAL Gurus tell me about this kit?


December 30, 2008, 00:04
from the looks of the finish its one of the earlier imported imbel grade 1 or 2 kits probably from dans or interordance so its probably got a great bore too. the last batch which was grade 3 with great bores. you got a good reciever. so it should screw together really easy. put the right locking shoulder in and your good to go. good deal. the receiver is worth 5oo easy and the kit probabably 300. your gonna need some 922 parts. enjoy.