View Full Version : US made L1A1 Flash Hider like the orgional?

December 23, 2008, 09:25
Anyone make them?



December 23, 2008, 12:25
FSE made one with the slots not cut all the way through, as a muzzle weight or "fake brake."

ARS/Gunplumber bought much of FSE's stock when they closed shop. Mark then finished cutting the slots all the way through and refinished them. They also accept the bayonet properly. He advertized them for sale a while back and then also advertized and sold the un-refinished ones he had left. Pretty sure he is out of both now, but you can check.

Dan Richardson at VOW made some way back, also not cut through, as "fake brakes." They didn't have the bayonet lug on them. I have one on my Aussie L1A1 build.

I don't know of anyone else.

Some folks have used replicas of the metric long flash hider used on the Browning imported FALs. I think DSA sells them. The barrel threads are different. They kinda sorta look like an inch device.