View Full Version : How to "disapear" an unwanted serial on a lower?

December 19, 2008, 08:18
Hey guys.

I have an Argentine cast lower with the Christmas tree proof yadayada.

I am looking to clear the serial from it as it would look nicer on my Argentine rifle.

The serial is a low one (0102) but doesn't match the receiver. It is stamped also. would I need to take a stone to it and if so what/which?


JB weld?
Wall plaster?
Elmers glue?

O.k so at least one of those might do! :rofl:

Seriously though, what would make a good filler that would hold up to a good refinish job?

Pros and cons? No wrong answers as far as I'm concerned, as long as the results make me happy.

Thanks gang!


December 19, 2008, 08:53
Are you planning on painting it?

December 19, 2008, 10:01
A few taps from a TIG and grind flush. Good welder with proper wire and you probably won't get much heat coloring difference on the final park. Or, just use a small end mill and create a slight recess where the SN once was...

December 19, 2008, 16:50

You can use JB weld to fill it in and paint it, as I have seen it done before. Good luck on that, you are having the problems I faced when I was trying to bring her back. I tried 8 diffrent lowers and the one on it was the only one that would properly fit it and operated correctly with it. Of the lowers 1 was argentine, 2 STG's 1 Belgian and 4 Imbels.


December 19, 2008, 17:10
You could just send it to me.:wink:

I'll make the ####### disappear, hell I'll make the whole thing vanish:biggrin:

I like the sound of the JB weld Idea. I wonder if there is something that could be used to "blend in" the JB while it's curing?
I'm thinking some kind of flat spatula with some solvent kind-of-thing, just like mudding & fininshing sheetrock, but with metal & epoxy??????????

December 19, 2008, 18:26
I've used a sandpaper flapper wheel in a dremel tool to take serials off of AK top covers, bolt carriers and bolts and they will come right off. With the flapper wheel you can also blend in the surrounding area.

Scott V2
December 19, 2008, 20:57

I just wiped the christmas tree and the serial numbers off of a cast argy para lower this week. I also used it to wipe the lightly inscribed serial numbers off of the argy para carrier and bolt. I now have a matching rifle

I used a four inch body grinder with the stacked sandpaper wheel on it. I went very slow and blended it over a large area. I swear when it is refinished it no one will ever know. It came out perfectly. The argy lowers were not ground smooth to start with, so you have a bit of material to work with. JUST GO SLOW.

I am also playing with the JB weld to fill in some dimple marks on the barrel flats and filling the serial numbers on the barrel. Currently it has worked on both.

I finish off with a oscillating palm sander and some machinist tape to really blend everything.