View Full Version : Aftermarket sights on CZ52??

December 14, 2008, 22:51
Any smiths here want to give me a guestimate on how much it'd cost to have aftermarket (tritium) installed on a CZ52? I'm guessing they could mill a couple dovetails into the slide to mount them, but could you use sights meant for a Glock or 1911?

I just picked up a nice CZ from SOG and have a couple k ammo and 6 mags for it, was thinking of using it for playing around with and maybe an IDPA match or something. I'll have to get used to the mag release, but figure it'll be fun and cheap to shoot.

Andy the Aussie
December 15, 2008, 00:40

I recall some years ago Mark Powell (FWRA) had a 52 that was all tricked out, it had been fitted with Novaks, it was SWEET looking....you may want to search way back in the market place under his posts as it as for sale at one point, no doubt the 'smith responsible for the fine work will be listed.

Andy :biggrin:

Andy the Aussie
December 15, 2008, 00:53
OK ....out of the kindness of my Toyota loving heart..... ;)




December 15, 2008, 01:14
Dood, dump that Sleazy Fitty-Turd and git a Tokarev TT-33. Polish is preferred, but a Romy'll do ya just fine.:biggrin: