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December 11, 2008, 19:54
Well I just got my FAL imbel kit the start of this week. This is my first build, and first time with a surplus parts kit.
While playing around with the lower, I cocked the hammer and put the saftey on to see if it worked. I then moved it to fire and tested it. I wanted to see what the trigger felt like. ( I didnt dry fire it, I held my thumb on my other hand over the trigger and used that to let it down) I pushed the hammer back down (with trigger still held down) and it catches like a semi auto should. I then see the last spot on the saftey and flip it to that (assumeing full auto setting). I do the same as above and keep the trigger down and push the hammer down and it does not catch.
So does this mean this thing still has functioning full auto trigger system? I have since striped the lower for cleaning and re finishing. So should I take these trigger parts and toss them in the trash, distroy them, or in some other way get rid of them? Because is it not in fact illegal for a regular guy like me to even have said parts seeing as I do not have a class 3 full auto license?
I do not want to go to jail!

USMC 0341
December 11, 2008, 20:14
For this to function as a full auto FAL you would need an upper cut for the auto sear, an ejector block with clearance for the auto sear to function, and the auto sear installed in the upper.

Now that said, none of this means that you will never run into a low-wattage gun dealer, LEO, or BATFE agent with a hard-on to convict somebody, anybody. A couple members here have run into these problems before.

Two cheap remedies - a pistol grip made to block the safety from rotating into the third position or a safety selector made that cannot rotate to the third position.

December 11, 2008, 20:26
Ok, good to know. I didnt know there was more to it. I have never delt with anything full auto.
The hammer, trigger, and sear are 3 of the 7 parts I will be replaceing for my US parts count. I just wanted to make sure that the old ones would not get me in trouble. Pistol grip is also most likely one of the other parts that will be replaced. May also look into the type of saftey you mention.


Ron Walker
December 11, 2008, 21:30
Please note: the semiauto safety selector does not qualify as one of the 7 compliance parts. The blocking pistol grip would. Ron

December 11, 2008, 22:28
Originally posted by Ron Walker
Please note: the semiauto safety selector does not qualify as one of the 7 compliance parts. The blocking pistol grip would. Ron Provided it was US made ;)

December 12, 2008, 12:09
Gunparts Guy has some grips like that. Wolfburg Bob or something like that. Think they were $15-20 each. DSA has the selector with the beak for SA rifles for $25.

Trying to get mine compliant too. Know how it is, just have less $$$.:cry:

December 12, 2008, 12:32
Yep, I know the saftey is not counted. I have my list of US parts I plan on useing, and a pistol grip is one of them. So I hopefully should be ready to go.