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November 07, 2008, 07:46
how do you become a class? manafacture? and after you get approved where do you get the info on how to build a nfa weapon? I am not asking for any one to tell me how. first I have no tool's or any place to build any NFA weapons. my question is how did you learn your trade? thanks~R

November 07, 2008, 16:19
Hey Richard,

Although I'm not licensed myself, I have had the privilege of "learning" from a couple of different friends (each of them is licensed as a class 2 SOT manufacturer). One is fairly focused on HK weapons, the other’s interests are more eclectic - like from revolvers to machineguns & suppressors to long range rifles.

Learning the "trade" is a lot like anything else. The guys I know in the business began with a hobby level of interest, pursued it through some sort of formal training (military/police armorer schools, gunsmithing trade school, vocational training as machinists, etc.) and began to practice the art picking it up as they went. My two friends both did some “apprentice-level” work for someone already in the business. Most of it amounts to craftsmanship and industrial technology – detailed work with mill, lathe, drill press, etc. (tool & die maker stuff), some knowledge of metallurgy, skill with MIG/TIG welders, experimentation with custom coatings, even some very careful work with hand files. There are some guys on the Files that do that level of craftsmanship as hobbyists. You could probably pick up some decent training on machining and welding at your local Vo-tech. After that, there are a number of gunsmithing schools around – for instance there is a very decent gunsmithing school at Murray State College here in Oklahoma or another example is the 1911 pistolsmithing course offered by Bill Laughridge of Cylinder & Slide. Its not a single approach kind of thing.

Ron Walker
November 09, 2008, 13:13
As to the legal particulars of Class II & III, The NFA Handbook answers about any question you could have. Ask your local III dealer where to get one. Ron