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October 10, 2008, 21:21
Anybody have any insight on this gun.
Good,Bad anything at all.
Saw one today at pown shop 650.00:?

October 10, 2008, 21:30
For that price I would be all over it. They have forged recievers and decent barrels. If it does'nt have a USGI bolt in it you will need to get the headspace checked and keep an eye on it or get a USGI bolt instaled. Other than that they are good solid rifles.

October 10, 2008, 22:13
They tend to be a bit rougher in finish than the Polytech's or other M14 clones out there, but like frontier said they are a great value and $650 is now a smoking deal if it's in good shape.

October 11, 2008, 08:58
Thanks for the info.
I have ben reading alot of info on the net about this gun.
It seems that the only good thing for this gun is a rebuild and i donot know
if i wont to spend that much money time on this gun. Have to think about it.

October 11, 2008, 09:48
Most people put too much stock in the re-build of the Chinese M14s. The early ones had some problems, but all in all they are great bargians.
I changed out some stuff on my Polytech, but that was because I had spare USGI parts to do so. I have not done a bolt swap, and when I do I'll have WarBird slap in one of my TRW bolts.
I would buy it, swap out the cheap Chin wood and shoot it (checking the head space periodically) and enjoy a good quality, forged rifle.
The receiver, barrel and op rod are very close to USGI in quality.
Go here for some good, sound advice.

October 11, 2008, 11:02
Ok looked at it Today.

M14 .308
Ser# 000260

HE will take 600.00 + tax.
2- 20 round clips,gun case,scop mount and chep scope no tools.
Nothing on the heel.

John Crusher
October 11, 2008, 12:24
I would jump all over it at that price. I agree with Ssarge about the supposed "need" to rebuild. I've got polys and norincos and have not done a darn thing to them except check headspace and get a Springfield trigger job on my poly. Bill is the best. My norinco has many Ks ran through it and it's still fine and come to think of it I did replace all the springs about 3 yrs. ago. Enjoy it !

Ron Walker
October 11, 2008, 12:49
The early imports by Century with the oversized stocks and cutoff flash suppressors were the best deals, because they were made up with Taiwanese parts and a forged receiver (by whom, I don't recall, think it was Norinco). The PolyTechs were the second best, and yes, some of the early ones had some major problems like soft receivers and parts so out of spec, they slid in rather than screwed in, but the laters ones seemed to have been cleaned up a bit. Headspace checking regularly is a must. I had one, and generally liked it, but then got a chance to swap it for a FAL. Ron

October 11, 2008, 14:06
Ok Guys I Got It. 600.00

I will pull it down and let you know what i find.

How do i headspsce this. I have 2 FAL in the works right now and have
.308 gauges Go,No GO,Field is this something i can do. Or do i need a
Gun Smith.:wink:

October 11, 2008, 15:02
Norinco's and Poly's are chambered for 7.62 NATO specs, not .308. So generally they'll swallow your .308 guages.
Either get a 7.62 field reject guage and go with it or get a gunsmith that has a proper set of guages to check head space.
(you can also do the down and dirty method of shooting it and looking over the brass to see if it has any issues. Of course this is not the safest or recommended method!)

October 11, 2008, 16:08
Great deal Glad you went and got it! Regards Bausch

October 11, 2008, 18:07
Thanks all for the help.
I took the gun completly down to clean it. It looks very well kept who ever
had this gun took care of it. I would say about 75% clean it is 100% now.
The shape of the gun is about 95%. Thanks to you ( GUYS ) i have a new toy.
You guys have me so pumped up i mite semd it to Smith Enterprises
tomorrow. Think i better call first. I would like to shot it but not till i have
a gun smith look at it.

Thanks All:bow:

October 11, 2008, 19:12
Originally posted by 2hogluckydog

You guys have me so pumped up i mite semd it to Smith Enterprises
tomorrow. Think i better call first.
My father was going to have Smith rebuild a Poly-Tech we had several years ago, but couldn't justify the cost at the time. He really knows the Chinese guns and used to rebuild a lot of them.
But I thought they were just doing GI contract work at this time?


snowhawk jockey
October 21, 2008, 15:31
I love my chinese m14. I highly recommend Tim@warbirdscustomguns.com if you want any work done your rifle. Check out his sight. It should tell you what you need to know about having your rifle serviced by him. He took good care of my rifle's re-bolt, oprod re-tab and re-finish and was very cost effective for the quality of work he does. $600 including accessories is a good deal for your rifle! Congrats

October 21, 2008, 16:24
What THEY ALL have said ^,...to the "T"!

You cannot go wrong.


October 21, 2008, 20:08
Sounds like I good deal to me, I'm sure I would have bought it for that too.

October 22, 2008, 00:21
How did the Chinese Communists get ahold of Taiwanese M-14 parts? Them folks don't like each other, don't get along generally and sometimes shoot at each other.

I know they have a fair amount of trade now, but this is a fairly recent development that I always figured would never include anything weapons-related.

October 22, 2008, 01:38
The Polytech and Norinco M14S are reverse engineered rifles from captured US Stocks in S.E. Asia.
They did not use old US machinery, Taiwan did. Why else is the rifle a mix of metric and imperial sized parts?
And there are no more going to Canada. They built up the last of the parts and flooded Canada with Norinco's, but that was it. The bottom of the barrel.

October 24, 2008, 22:19
Ok just finished checking every thing out. All looks Very good.

Throat Erosion Gauge reads a one
Muzzle Wear Gauge reads just less than one
7.62 NATO Go Gauge 1.6355 = go
7.62 NATO Field Gauge 1.6455 = no go

Couldnot find a No Go Gauge in 7.62 NATO. But with what i have i think
i am good to go.

Glad i didnot pass on this one.
Thanks alot Guys.:bow: