View Full Version : T3 vs Savage 16 Weather Warrior

October 09, 2008, 14:44
I'm in the market for a .308 bolt action and was wondering if the Savage weather warrior was in the same ball park as the T3? Accuracy is important, but if it's close I would rather spend $500 on the Savage instead of $900 for the 24 '' T3. Also not sure how the duribility of both guns compares to each other.

October 09, 2008, 18:33
Accuracy with the Savage is embarrasingly good for a rifle in its price range. The Savage has a really nice adj. trigger
You could add the Howa 1500 Varmint and Weatherby Varmint (much the same rifle) in here also.
They are great rifles in the accuracy department without the great price.

I have no experience with the T3, but 2nd hand report of some plastic part breaking on a new rifle. Don't know what the part was.

Sniper Central did a review on a T3 Tactical. Accuracy not all that good for a $1400+ rifle. Looks cool, however! :shades:

October 09, 2008, 20:21
Thanks for the info! Yeah I'm looking at the savage 16 weather or even one of the Savage 11's for that matter...complete rifle for under $500. I found a dealer that had the T3 Tac. 24'' for $900, but if it's close like you said I'm going savage and buying a better scope. The only nice thing about the T3 is it has a TB if I wanted to put a can on it.