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October 08, 2008, 07:36
The discussion about GWMs sear cut Lithgow has me wondering about just how many sear cut upper receivers are in the 'non-nfa' category here in the US. I am aware of the common ones, like the G series, or the Steyr imports. I am also aware of the Century imports. What I don't know, and what I'd like clarification on, is exactly how many and what types(if anyone knows) Century imported for their 'LE only' rifles. I always thought it was limited to Brit guns, but EX1 says he's seen more... We had a posting of a real Indian rifle last month, so there are some of those around. I've also heard of early Izzy HB imports that were sear cut.

What all is there?

See, I look at the rifle by GWM and see a parts gun. A receiver with a kit built up on it, like someone did it domesticly. Century proofed barrel? So what? I've had lots of those come and go, and coulda torqued them on to any receiver I wanted. I don't care if the barrel is personally signed by the Pope, I can still take it off the receiver, or put it on another.

I thought the ATF kept a close eye on the sear cut receivers. I thought they considered them machineguns, and had very specific lists of rifles they considered exceptions.

Thoughts, comments, and particularly hard facts are appreciated. I'm curious. Are there more legitimate Lithgow receivers in country than the Eden and Onyx imports?

And, speaking of Onyx Lithgows, it's time I go finish up the new L2 I'm building on one. Pics of THAT soon, and if yer going to the Creek, look for it at the Dealers Warehouse table. Along with a Cuban FAL and all kinds of other goodies.

October 08, 2008, 16:59
The Century guns are NFA, were only sold to LE agencies that oftentimes mistakenly sold them surplus later on.
At least one Lithgow importer converted and registered (most of) the guns after importation (several hundred IIRC) and BATF disallowed them importing any more afterwards.


October 08, 2008, 19:54
Originally posted by AliYahu:

"The Century guns are NFA, were only sold to LE agencies that oftentimes mistakenly sold them surplus later on."

Nope. Century sold many of them to individual police officers in the late 1980's to the early 1990's, when the excise tax issue changed their policy and they then restricted L1A1 sales to departments only.

Back then, the British Amy L1A1's were advertised by Century in ShotGun News monthly. Sold for $147.00 or so to officers on letterhead. I have one of the old ads around here somewhere. I tried to buy one just after Century changed their sales policy but while the ads were still running and they told me, "no."

Century found that not many police departments wanted .308 battle rifles then, and demilled them, selling them as parts kits for $169.00 and up. I built my first FAL from one of these kits I bought from them. The lower assembly was tagged with an FTR tag and the parts were excellewnt to like new, if not new, with a fresh coat of Suncorite on the metal.

I doubt that Century, as one of the world's military largest small arms merchants, would ever tell us how many of these were sold to who. BATFE could find out in a hurry if they were so inclined.

October 18, 2008, 10:09
Correct. THe shotgun news article and their subsequent articles and advertisement was that it was for sale to individual LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS. Never said agencies but law enforcement officers.