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Snake Bitten
September 07, 2008, 18:13
Anyone fired one of these hand guns (410 ga/45LC)? I was in Academy and checked it out...pretty much looked like a well made Taurus. SB

September 07, 2008, 19:19
They are harder to keep in stock, but check out boxotruth for a review... I decided to pass it up.

September 07, 2008, 19:27
Yes. The grip absolutely eats all recoil, I can fire it one-handed.

Accuracy with .45 LC Cor-Bon +P is quite good. This makes it an ideal hiking gun to me, because the .410 shells will end snakes at a very good distance, and you can have some .45 LC as well in case of a rabid animal. Pattern of birdshot will spread rather quickly, as the rifling that keeps it from being an AOW tends to engage the cup of commercial rounds. I've heard that some people have had better patterns by loading their own .410s to use with it. Triple-aught seems to stay much tighter.

It is made quite well, locks with a solid thunk when you cock it. Double action is smooth, mine was not the least bit gritty. And, of course, that big fiberoptic sight is very easy to pick up, it's the same as their Trackers. Good, good sight on it.

And for sheer range fun, you can't get much more fun than blowing clay pigeons out of the air with a handgun. :)

October 03, 2008, 00:18
i saw this gun at the last gun show in phoenix. i fell in love.
it's my next purchase.

October 03, 2008, 13:30
not "the judge" but a large frame taurus M444 airweight in 44mag.
it looked ok. i didnt really like the grip. it recoiled like bad mf-er.
i put less than twenty five rounds through it.
traded it to a friend and it failed the first time he took it to the range.
i bought the gun new thinking it would be a great hiking gun.
this was my first experience with taurus and i would never have another one of their revolvers. i did not like it.

October 03, 2008, 14:11
I think they are bad luck



The brother of a gal I used to police with (brother is also a cop) was shot in the elbow with one of these while on duty, and the shooter robbed him of his Glock.

October 04, 2008, 08:57
I have one of the 454 Casull's and it is a very nice and well made pistol. Surprisingly plesant to shoot. Whoever said the grip soaks up the recoil was correct. It is also verya ccurate. Offhand and very casually I cleaned 5 of 6 pins off a tabel at 50 yds and I can't see anymore. I was as surprised as anybody.
Very solid "triple lock" style.