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September 01, 2001, 00:32
hi how about a spell checker for dumbies like me.
:D Spell checker (http://www.spellchecker.net/)

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September 01, 2001, 10:03
Spell check, I like not having it.

Not always, but sometimes a statement is made by the quality of some of the posts.

Bill Woodward
Portland, OR.

September 01, 2001, 15:51
FALshot, You make a good point,however spellchecker is a nice tool. I want the content of my posts spelled correctly.If someones ask a question I want to ensure that my answer or comments to a question is
spelled correctly,it just a matter of pride.

September 01, 2001, 17:03
Here is why I can not justify their services at this time. We presently receive a very large number of hits per month and I think the bannerless fee would be outragous, and the license is out of the question. I do not want advertising on the site that is not gun related in some way or another, and feel that the free version is just another way to spam users.

<EM>Bannerless Version
Do you have an intranet, government or educational site that cannot display banner advertising? Do you just want to be sure competitive ads aren’t displayed to your users? If so, we can offer you a bannerless version of our service. We charge a $50.00 annual fee for this service, for up to 10,000 "hits". A hit is defined as any time a banner would have displayed in our SpellChecker window. You pay for the first 10,000 hits in advance and then we notify you as your usage approaches 10,000 hits. Each additional increment of 10,000 hits is another $50.00 paid in advance. You can also monitor your usage via our web site. We accept credit cards, checks and purchase orders. Click here to order

Do you need a version of our service to host on your server? Would you like to resell our service to your customers? We can negotiate a license arrangement that serves virtually any need, with fees starting at only $3500. Contact us for more details.</EM>

September 01, 2001, 17:13
Ime wiff FALshoote on dis!

September 01, 2001, 18:00
Jen,thanks for your respone to my post your
reasoning makes sense to me,I guess I got spoiled at AR15.thanks for your time Rich

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September 01, 2001, 20:34
It would be nice to have a spell checker built into the forum’s editor but I can live without it. As one of the world’s worst spellers I simply type my post in Word and then cut and paste to the forum.
Good spelling and grammar may be a pleasure to read, but the only thing it tells me about the writer is that they can spell. The world is full of people with room temperature IQ’s and not an original thought in their heads but they are fine spellers. And there are others that lack nether intelligence or education but can’t spell to save there lives.

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September 01, 2001, 22:23
Everyone's got an opinion 3GUN, and I'm in partial agreement with yours.

Your comment: "The world is full of room temperture I.Q.s and not an original thought in their heads but they are fine spellers, and then there are others that lack neither intelligence or education but can't spell to save their lives,"

I don't believe the world IS FULL of people who are FINE spellers, and yet they don't have an original thought in their heads. (There may be SOME, but I think to say the "World is full" of them is an overstatement)

Spelling is an academic discipline, one of the principal academic disciplines, and to be a proficient speller is to show that one has applied themselves.

As far as those who "Can't spell to save their lives" yet they don't lack education, where I went to school, there is NO WAY one could complete their initial education, (High School) without being a proficient speller, no one, period.

Bill Woodward
Portland, OR.

September 02, 2001, 00:01
Wow I had no ideal that a simple suggestion would be come such a Controversial topic. I retract my suggestion. A spell check is just a nice feature that's all...I'm human I make mistakes. I'm always checking and recheck my work ,in my profession if you don't an Aircraft crash or fall form the sky onto someones home or into the sea and people die. Please lock this post. ;) :o
I need to learn more important things like who has the best parts kit and receiver how to build a good FAL :)Rich

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September 02, 2001, 00:43
If you want a quick way to spell check, just type in your comments in the box provided.

When done --

Hit CTRL + C at the same time. That "Lifts" the message.

Hit START button.

Hit Programs.

Hit your word proccessing program. (Mirosoft Word for me)

Hit CTRL + V at the same time. ("Sets" it in your WP page.

Hit the spellchecker in that program.

When done hit CTRL + C again.

Return to FALFILES topic page.

Delete your original message.

Hit CTRL + V to paste the newly spellchecked message it's place.

Sounds complicated but it really isn't.

Semper Fi-


September 03, 2001, 08:13
Ironman, Thanks for your input, but their is still an easier way, most email supports has
a spellchecker build in, just write your post via your email and "copy" and "paste" to FAL FILES and your done. ;)
What can I say I'm EX-NAVY and you know us squids are the laziest bunch of swabby on the plant.:P
Semper Fi

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