View Full Version : CUT AND PASTE

December 08, 2001, 14:45
For some reason I can't seem to get my cut and pastes to post.(Cntl/c - Cntl/v)

It all shows up in message window (HERE) but when I hit "add new topic" the post times out. This started about a week ago. Never before a problem.

Any ideas?

December 08, 2001, 19:19
Works fine for me..

Perhaps you should try to select the stuff you want to copy, then right click -> copy from there, paste the same way.

If it's something sudden it may be something wrong with your browser or something that has changed on your system.

December 28, 2001, 09:52
Jen, you big meanie, of course it works right for you, you're the computer guru, everything works right for you when, us lesser lights try to demonstrate a problem for a person who can fix the problem. It's a variation of murphy's law. I call it Lassiter's second effect, but it may have other names.