View Full Version : Build Question: Use a new Imbel or DSA barrel

Tim McBride
August 21, 2008, 18:48
So easy question I hope. I've got a brand new Imbel Chrome lined and a brand new DSA barrel. Which is going to be better? More accurate?

August 21, 2008, 19:47
Nothing easy about it! Both have good reputations for accuracy. I'd use the one that worked best with the parts you have. Might want to use the chrome Imbel barrel on a rifle for rough usage as the bore would be less likely to foul or rust.

Two good barrels? You're a lucky man! :beer:

August 21, 2008, 22:35
Use the one that hand times better, and sell me the other...:wink:

Oh, I forgot to mention, on my last build I used a new IMBEL, and it is phenominally accurate.

Tim McBride
August 22, 2008, 19:00
Thanks guys. I'll think I'll use the DSA since it is already cut to 18in.