View Full Version : ejector block removal

March 15, 2002, 17:12
Is it possible to remove the ejector block
from a demilled receiver? Iwas looking at it
last night and couldn't figure out how, unless I practice my dremel skills out on it.
Just curious... :confused:

March 15, 2002, 17:50
i think it is. uh..... why did you post this in this forum??? :rolleyes:

March 15, 2002, 18:20
1. This needs to be posted in Gunsmithing / Build it Yourself. This forum isn't for posting problems with your rifle, it's for those with the site.

2. Yes, it can be removed.

3. You DO NOT need to use a dremel tool to do it.

4. Why The heck would you want to remove it? Are you trying to remove it from a good receiver or from a chopped off kit receiver stub?