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October 05, 2001, 19:01
Does this site not support cookies , It seems I have to log on every time i visit.

October 06, 2001, 12:55
It uses cookies to let you log in, so yes, it supports cookies. Are you logging out when you leave?

October 06, 2001, 13:19
No I don't log out when I leave , This is the only place this happens. I guess I will just have to remember my password.

October 07, 2001, 08:25
Check your settings. I've only logged in once. I access the files from three different computers and do not have to log in with any of them after the first time.

October 08, 2001, 23:56
I'm noy sure what other settings I can check I have set cookies to low security checked my profile. This is the only forum I have this trouble . Any idea's.

October 09, 2001, 06:14
It might be a bad cookie. Bring up your list of cookies and delete the ones for "www.l1a1.com." The next time you log in you'll get new cookies and maybe they'll work.

If your cookie list has an All Cookies (set to Accept) don't delete that. You'll want to Accept cookies, of course. Delete only the individual ones. There may be several.

I currently have a dummy cookie (Hey!! :mad: ), a login cookie, a session cookie, a test cookie, and an ubber cookie, whatever that is. UBB=Ultimate Bulletin Board, I guess.

Before you delete them, do all the cookies show Enabled?

Something else to try, anyway.

October 09, 2001, 10:49
FWIW, I was having the same problem until I remembered a program I installed 2-3 years ago called "Luckman's anonymous cookie".
I swiched it off and voila.

October 09, 2001, 11:38
Thanks Snakeshot It was my cookie wall it must have moved the cookie into the always delete column . I knew you guys would jog my memory and get this thing sorted out thanks again . :D