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August 14, 2008, 18:08
Howdy everyone, can someone tell me how you can tell a k frame form a j frame or an l frame, I just bought a S&W revolver model 66 .357 with 300 rounds of ammo for $250. this is my first S&W and I dont know anything about them.

Thanks Stonewall.

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August 14, 2008, 19:39
Try here Stonewall.



August 14, 2008, 19:47
Your Model 66 is a "K" frame. If it's a 2 1/2", wear hearing protection! :(

August 16, 2008, 00:24
J-frames are 5 shot. An L-frame is slightly larger and stronger than the K frame and is most commonly found as the 581, 586, 681, 686.

August 21, 2008, 05:34
Sounds like you got a good deal. Open the cyld, directly under the where the barrel and frame meet there should be some #'s. This is where you find the model # and -- #(66, 66-2,ect) The top of the frame above the barrel may or may not have a PIN in it ( Pinned and Recessed/ P&R) slightly more collectable than those with-out. If you look at the Cyld, if it has beed cut to allow the rnds to sit somewhat flush in their chamber,it is recessed.

Taking it apart is another story:wink: